A Letter to the President of WIN...

"My Story and Testimonial" by Alison Sullivan, Arbonne

Hi Debbie,

I was so moved by a recent gift from my mentor that it made me break down in tears at a WIN networking meeting. Its a little 6x6 piece that has a butterfly and the word "FLY" printed on it.

Kim and I met at the WIN West Chester lunch in October 2008. Little did I know that who and what Kim represented was more than just a product, One of the reasons she also works for this company is because it often changes the lives of women. I am one of them. I was at W.I.N. orginally working for a landscaping company (not my passion... I don't even own a house plant!) and tried the product, Arbonne, that Kim represented and I joke that who knew a little orange bottle would change my skin and then change my life. I wanted to tell everyone about it. But I was just too busy working at a job that wasn't for me...until I got I got laid off.

So why did a piece of art work with the word "FLY" and a butterfly bring me to tears? You see... the name for my website I chose a few months ago I picked fly.myarbonne.com (all arbonne websites have to be .myarbonne.com) I picked "fly" after leaving church one day. Fly like the Wright Brothers who BELIEVED they could go where no one else had gone, and ignore those who say they couldn't do it, and dispite several failures along the way they took off and flew! So my very inspirational website has sat on the internet BLANK with no content for several months because I didn't know what to say on my main page "my story" I just finally completed it the day before I saw Kim at Eastgate WIN. Kim had no idea the timing of her gift. Arbonne's logo is the butterfly and National Vice President is called the butterfly nation.

The artist on back of this piece to quote "My hope is that your hope is your work invokes a sense of clarity and peace inside of you as you walk your own path in life, and that it inspires you to discover your own limitlessness." Kelly Rae Roberts.

I hope that eveyone that comes to WIN meets someone to help them grow as giving person and this will make them grow in ways they never thought possible. I am now celebrating my one year anniversary of starting my Arbonne business and I look forward to meeting and flying alongside with more WIN women everyday!

Today is my one year anniversary of making the decision to start an Arbonne business. I wouldn't be here without WIN.

Thank you!

Alison Sullivan

District Manager # 18028930  Arbonne International

10592 Plainfield Rd  Cincinnati, OH 45241

O: 513-429-5033  C: 513-728-190

aesullivan@hotmail.com   www.fly.myarbonne.com

~Alison Sullivan, Arbonne

When asked why Rachael enjoys W.I.N she noted that...

“W.I.N is different from most women’s groups. It not only gives you the chance to network with phenomenal business women, but it allows you to laugh, smile, and enjoy yourself!

W.I.N has allowed me to help other women find care for not only themselves, but their spouses, children, and co-workers.

Rachael Epps

Physician Relations & Marketing

Office: 513.475.8010  Cell: 513.532.7706

Email: rachael.epps@ucphysicians.com

~Rachael Epps, UC Health - Physician Relations & Marketing

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~Debbie McCurry, WIN President