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Welcome to W.I.N.!

December 2014 

It's STILL all about "Networking with HEART" 

W.I.N. meets at Wetherington the 3rd Wed. each month!!  11:30am - 1:00pm 

New AND Renewing Members:  1 Year Membership for 2015 at a discounted price of only $75.00 *IF* you join by December 31, 2014! Includes the remainder of Nov. & Dec. 2014!  Sign up!

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   December Sponsor:  Rosalind Sistrunk

         VeRozzi Handcrafted Jewelry and Keepsakes

About the Company:

VeRozzi is an online specialty store created by Rosalind Sistrunk that specializes in designing unique handcrafted jewelry and keepsakes. Let VeRozzi add a touch of elegance to your special day by designing a custom piece of jewelry or keepsake made exclusively for you or that special someone in your life. Just as God carefully planned and created the world, I use my  gift only given by Him to carefully design and make all of my jewelry and keepsakes.

About the Artist:

Rosalind Sistrunk is a multi-disciplined artist who has always had a passion for music and being creative. She enjoys making jewelry, singing, sewing, photography, graphic design, and reading just to name a few.

Originally from Oklahoma, Rosalind moved to Cincinnati to pursue her Master's degree in Audiology at the University of Cincinnati where she later obtained her Ph.D.   

She is also very active at her church, the Church of the Living God, where she currently serves as the Christian Education Director and a member of the Music Ministry.   

Rosalind cherishes and loves taking care of her family. As she sits in her creation room, she often reflects on the goodness of the Lord and how He chose her to share His gift of creativity. 

   December Theme:  "Reflections"

Everything around you is a mirror of what is happening inside. This means that if something is not working, take stock by going inward and seeing what life is reflecting back. It’s never too late to change and make a new commitment to yourself!

• Want great clients? Be a great client. If you want clients who honor their promises, you have to honor YOUR own commitments. If you want people who respect and value your time, you have to meet deadlines and value others’ time as well. The same goes with attracting clients who communicate regularly and pay on time. Notice what you’re doing both in your business and outside of it, and make positive changes if you don’t like what you see.

• Let go of relationships that aren’t working. It’s helpful to surround yourself with “cheerleaders” who are on your team and invested in your success. If a friend or loved one is tearing you down or behaving badly, this sets the stage for clients to do the same. Don’t tolerate bad behavior. Instead, find people who are supportive and treat you right.

• Clean up your space. If your office is messy and cluttered, your business will probably be the same. This is also true with disorganization in your personal life. If you are always playing catch up, this problem tends to spill over to everything else, causing disharmony. Schedule time to organize your office as if a client might stop by for a meeting at any time.

• Change how you feel. The emotional state you’re in most often is the one you’ll default to in work mode. This is a reason why personal development and coaching is so helpful, as it can help you flip a switch. If you’re stuck and frustrated, doing things like taking classes and getting out of your comfort zone can translate into positive changes across the board.

• Go toward success. Consider that the most challenging clients and situations may be the ones that have the most to teach you. Think about those times when you’ve worked hard to make a significant change and all of the rewards that followed when you focused on success. Everyday life presents big and little challenges, so choose to show up for everything in a BIG way.

Remember, your actions in all areas of life contribute toward your success. Make sure you are living the reflection of what you want to see in your overall experience.

 Mark your 2015 Calendar!

      W.I.N.'s 8th Birthday Celebration Expo Luncheon!

     Wed., Jan. 21, 2015 - 11:00am-2:00pm

     Come Celebrate 8 years of"Networking with HEART"!

       Shop our Member Display Tables, Share a delicious lunch and
       Network with the Ladies of W.I.N.

       Join us for a FUN Girls' Afternoon!

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Debbie Christy McCurry - President/Founder

A Message from Debbie:

I would personally like to

invite you to visit a W.I.N.

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Come "WIN" with Us!

At my full time business, I am a New Home Sales Specialist with Epcon Communties at The Villas at Park Place in West Chester, OH.  I help people "right size" their housing needs so they can live a more carefree lifestyle in their dream home. 

The Villas at Park Place offer maintenance free ranch-style condominiums and courtyard homes in a beautiful Lifestyle Community.  We have many floorplans to choose from.  One is right for you!

Epcon Communities is one of the leading developers and franchise operators of single-story, residential condominium communities in the United States and has been building their product for 27years.  In 2009 they were named America's #1 For Sale Attached Home Builder. 

Epcon Communities...Where Life Comes Together.  Learn more about our Lifestyle Condo Communities...Watch our Video:

Stop in for a tour.   Contact me, Debbie Christy McCurry at:  513-868-9800 or 513-520-4595  Visit our website:

  Thought for the Day:      

         “The people around you are reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself....  Choose your company wisely".

 Monthly Meeting Schedule: 

* Registration/Open Networking:  11:15am *  Meeting Times:  11:30am - 1:00pm 

 CLICK HERE to make Luncheon Reservation   Reservations are Final.  NO Refunds.

*Vegetarian/Special Meals Available Upon Request*  You MUST send an email PRIOR to the luncheon to:   

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3rd Wednesday WIN West Chester @ Wetherington Golf and Country Club 

  2014 W.I.N. Luncheon Schedule:

Venue:  * Wetherington Country Club *

Jan. 15th   *Birthday Expo/Sponsor:  Erika Ellis -

AB Medi Spa and Wellness/Amy Brenner, MD & Assoc.

February 19th  *HEART Month/Sponsor:  Kamari Green -

UC Health-University of Cincinnati Physicians   

March 19th   Sponsor:  Linnie Kern -                      

Kern and Associates, Shaklee Independent Distributor

April 16th  Sponsor:  Maggie Summers – A-Abel Home Improvement

May 15th   *Spring/Summer Expo/Sponsor:  Beth Mountjoy – Legal Shield

June 18th   Sponsor:  Gail Adams-Arnold - Jet about Travel Agency

July 16th    Sponsor:  Leah Koerner – KBC Remodeling

August 20th   Sponsors:  Michelle Vondrell/Whiteboard Solutions
                                         Michelle Tate/The John Maxwell Group                                  

Sept.  17th   Sponsor:  Jacky Groewenegen -

Mindful Wellness Massage and Body Work

October 15th  *Fall Expo/Sponsor:  Kamari Green -

UC Health-University of Cincinnati Physicians   

November 19th  Sponsor:  Michelle Vondrell - White Board Solutions

December  17th  *Holiday Luncheon/Sponsor:  Rosalind Sistrunk - VeRozzi