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Women's Idea Network

"Networking with HEART" 

   A Heartfelt Goodbye....

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to bring W.I.N. to a close.  There are so many avenues for women to promote their businesses these days,  that I do think that W.I.N. has served its purpose in the networking world... We have had our final luncheon.  I wish everyone the best!        Debbie

W.I.N. started by "accident", way back in my business networking days in 2007.
I had met so many amazing business women who leased office space from me in West Chester.  I decided it would be a good idea to connect them and show them how to help each other.

"Women do it differently, I thought... they work from the HEART". The small group I gathered together did just that.... They opened up their HEARTS and IDEAS to each other! Hence, my obvious tagline..... "Networking with HEART"..... with the emphasis always being on the HEART part of it.

They used to call me "The Networking Queen"! My original intention was just to "be nice" and to help a few women with their businesses".  I wanted to show them the value of networking....  I hope I accomplished that! I never dreamed it would last for 10 years!

I want to give my HEARTFELT-THANKS to the many ladies I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting and who have supported W.I.N. over the years. To be a part of watching so many share their dreams has truly be inspirational to me.

So as I close our doors, my HEART remains open and grateful for this experience.  I hope W.I.N. has brought joy, smiles and success to your business life! You all have truly brought so much of this to mine!

As I told a young group of business students at Miami University many years ago when I helped them start their first women's networking group on campus... "Work hard, dream hard... but always take time to help each other" .... "Being Nice Matters".

God speed Ladies! Thank you from the bottom of my HEART.....   ~ Debbie

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  "W.I.N. SAYS GOODBYE"... Happy Holidays to All

  W.I.N. Holiday Charity Project for 2017

"Toys for Tots" Toy Drive.....     

  Contact Julie Clayton for Information:  513-460-6811

 ALL Toys must be NEW and UNWRAPPED

**Toys that are NOT allowed:  **Toys guns of any kind (even Nerf)  **War themed games. 

**Contact Julie Clayton for more information (513) 460-6811

Suggested Donations:

Girls 10-15                                              Boys 10-15                     

*Craft Kits                                              *Board games

*Jewelry making kits                             *Sport balls (basket, soccer, football, etc).  

*Board games                                        *Remote control cars

*Science kits                                          *Model kits

*Adult coloring books                            *Science kits

Other appreciated items are: 
Dolls/Baby dolls, Barbies, etc), Board games for any age, Play doh, Legos or blocks

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Debbie Christy McCurry - President/Founder

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         ~ A Farewell Does Not Mark the End of Relationships ...